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99Math – Game-based Learning And Free Online Resource

With the use of game-based learning, 99math is a free online resource that assists students in honing their math abilities. The purpose of 99math is to serve as an additional resource for educators and learners. Students can strengthen their arithmetic foundation and gain confidence in their skills by utilizing it in addition to standard classroom education.

It provides a range of functions, such as:

  • Individual practice: To strengthen their grasp of particular math concepts, students might work on individual exercises.
  • Group activities: To help pupils learn arithmetic more effectively, teachers can utilize 99 math to create games and activities for the class.
  • Play multiplayer games: Students can work in groups to solve arithmetic problems or compete against one another.

How 99Math Is Helping Students?

The following are some ways that 99Math benefits pupils, according to the information on their website:

Encourages kids to practice arithmetic: 99 Math makes learning math facts more fun and interesting for students by using a game-based methodology. They can maintain their motivation and increase their accuracy and speed as a result.

Math classes are transformed when teachers utilize 99 Math to enhance their instruction and give students more practice chances. This can enhance their general math abilities and help them comprehend the concepts being taught more clearly.

Enables students to build fact fluency: Fact fluency is the capacity to recall arithmetic facts accurately and quickly. It can be attained by children via the regular practice of math facts engagingly and dynamically. This can give students the confidence to tackle increasingly challenging arithmetic problems.

Satisfies curriculum requirements: Teachers can utilize 99Math to assist students in achieving their learning objectives because it is correlated with multiple math curriculum standards.

Creates a passion for math: 99 Math can assist kids in cultivating a good attitude toward math and perceiving it as a subject they can succeed in by making math learning enjoyable and interesting.

99Math is a useful resource that can assist students in strengthening their mathematical abilities, gaining confidence, and cultivating a love of arithmetic.

What Are The Games That Are Present In 99Math?

99Math offers a platform for interactive math practice through a variety of activities and challenges, even though it doesn’t have specific games. These exercises can be modified to fit a range of ability levels and learning preferences. Here are a few crucial facets of 99 Math’s methodology:

  • Selecting a Skill: You can select particular arithmetic skills to work on, such as division, multiplication, subtraction, addition, and fractions. After that, 99Math will produce tasks based on the skills you have selected.
  • Multiplayer Battles: Compete with other players in real-time online matches to find precise and fast answers to arithmetic problems. This can be an enjoyable approach to practice with friends or classmates and adds a competitive element.
  • Individual Practice: Another option is to work on problems on your own, at your own pace, and get feedback on your solutions.
  • Activities for the Whole Class: Instructors can use 99Math to engage students in hands-on learning while promoting engagement.

Overall, rather than giving fixed, unique activities, 99 arithmetic concentrates on offering a flexible and entertaining framework for practicing arithmetic abilities.

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What Are The Classroom Activities In 99Math?

Even though 99 Math isn’t a set curriculum with predetermined exercises, there are two primary ways to use it in the classroom:

1. Live Gaming

  • The most entertaining alternative is for students to participate together in real-time, either via video conference or in the classroom.
  • Using the platform, the instructor makes a game, which she then sends to the pupils via a link or code.
  • Using their smartphones, students log in to the game and select their avatars.
  • The game pushes students to compete and work together by presenting them with a variety of math problems.
  • In addition to creating a dynamic learning environment, this enables the teacher to monitor student and group performance.

2. Personal Practice:

  • Outside of the classroom, students can independently improve their arithmetic abilities.
  • Using the platform, the instructor assigns practice problems that concentrate on particular subjects or abilities.
  • The platform allows students to work at their own pace while keeping track of their progress.
  • This makes learning more individualized and aids in students’ comprehension consolidation.

Other things to think about

99Math is flexible enough to accommodate a wide range of age groups and learning requirements, thanks to its individual practice and live game modes.

A range of game modes and difficulty settings are available in 99 Math, which makes the experience interesting and demanding.

Recall that 99 Math is an additional resource, and educators can create interesting exercises centered around the platform. As an illustration, students can:

  • Engage in team play: Form teams from the class and have them participate in live games.
  • Examine their performance: Students can evaluate their performance after playing and pinpoint areas that need work.

Students can use the platform’s features to build and share their arithmetic problems with their classmates.

Instructors can establish an engaging and productive math learning environment by integrating 99 Math with additional exercises and instructional strategies.

How Can I Track My Progress In 99Math?

Tracking Progress in 99 Math:

There are two main ways to track progress in 99 Math, depending on whether you’re a student or a teacher:

For Students:

Every student on 99 Math has a personalized dashboard that displays their development across a range of skills. They are able to examine their accuracy percentages and scores and even track their progress over time.

Progress Tracker: Teachers Pay Teachers offers a printable version of a free progress tracker that you can print off online. Here’s the link to that page. This enables you to keep a manual record of your accuracy, scores, and self-perceptions for each skill.

For Teachers:

Reports: 99 After every game session, Math automatically creates comprehensive reports for teachers. These reports display each student’s performance as well as the areas in which they erred and the class’s general proficiency in a given subject.

Top scores: 99. Math has leaderboards for both global and individual classes. Students may find it entertaining to compare their progress to that of others in this way but keep in mind that emphasis should be placed on personal development rather than mere rivalry.

In 99 Math, there are two ways to monitor your progress:

Using the integrated reports

  • Students: Students can view their “My Progress” section after logging into their accounts. This displays their development across a range of skill areas, along with badges obtained, accuracy rates, and scores.
  • Instructors: Instructors have access to comprehensive reports for each student or the entire class. These reports offer insightful information like:
  • Overall skill level: Indicates the class’s average proficiency in a certain area.
  • Individual performance: Offers comprehensive data on the performance of every student, including grades, accuracy percentages, and areas in which they require development.
  • Mistake analysis: Assists in determining the kinds of errors that students are committing, enabling educators to adapt their lesson plans appropriately.

Using an independent tracker:

Printable tracker: Trackers can be downloaded from the internet, such as the “Progress Tracker for 99 Math Online Game” that is offered by TeachersPayTeachers. With these trackers, students can keep track of their grades, accuracy percentages, and progress evaluations.

Customizable spreadsheet: You can make a spreadsheet with columns for the date, the practiced skill, the accuracy rate, the score, and any other pertinent data. This makes it possible to track progress with more customization and flexibility.

Extra advice:

Set precise objectives: Having specific goals for improvement keeps both teachers and students motivated and allows them to monitor their progress.

Put equal emphasis on work and progress: Even though test results don’t always accurately represent kids’ abilities, it’s still critical to recognize the work and progress they are making.

Employ images: To understand improvement patterns better and recognize accomplishments, use charts or graphs to show development over time.


Recall that the secret to being better at math is constant practice. While 99 Math offers a number of tools for tracking progress, it’s crucial to determine which approach best suits you and your students in order to keep them motivated and interested in what they’re learning!

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