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    If you encounter an Audacity error when opening Sound Device Vista, this article may help. What causes Audacity’s “Unable to open secure device” error? This is usually a permissions issue that occurs right after a certain Windows update because this situation resets some permission settings for the apps that are allowed to use your microphone.


    1. Problems with microphone and input device
    2. Check your Audacity settings.
    3. Check audio device and firmware for male and female
    4. Windows
    5. macOS
    6. Linux
    7. Check the firmware and software of your audio device.
    8. Check the settings and connections of the PCI card or external audio cable enclosure.
    9. Windows WASAPI: Write from USB
    10. Numeric error codes

    Microphone, I.e. Input Device Problems


    audacity error while opening sound device vista

    For some people, Windows 10 now prevents Audacity from using the microphone based on privacy settings.

    How do I fix errors in Audacity?

    First, try out Audacity’s list of audio devices by rescanning Transport > Audio Devices and selecting the default option from the Devices toolbar. If the error persists, check again Audacity settings. It could be that another app was getting exclusive access to the audio product.

    After updating to Transcription 1803 from Windows (April 10, 2018), a small number of users reported that the microphone is recognized but barely picks up sound.

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  • To work around this issue, Microsoft recommends turning the microphone off frequently in the privacy settings by doing the following:

    1. Open settings
    2. Click Privacy.
    3. Press inside the microphone
    4. EnableClick the Allow apps that can access your microphone button.


    audacity error while opening sound device vista

    The no-recording dilemma in Audacity is fairly common in Mojave, Catalina, and later when Apple changes a project’s device privacy settings (more conservative, “more secure”). Note that although macOS refers to this setting as microphone, it uses it for all recording devices, including external USB/Thunderbolt interfaces.

    1. On a Mac, select from the menu on the left and then simply click on the Privacy tab.
    2. Click on each menu on the left.
    3. Check the Return to application (Audacity) checkbox to allow the product to access the microphone.

    Check Settings

    How do you fix Audacity could not find any audio devices?

    Update your sound drivers with DriverFix.Manually update people’s audio.Remove the audio device.Check for conflicts with third party audio software.Reinstall Audacity.

    It is recommended that you try playback or recording by checking or changing the following Audacity settings. Sometimes it is enough to actually change the cost of the project.

    • Set the project number in the lower left corner of the Audacity window to the default frequency of 44,100 Hz (or if your audio program only supports a certain frequency, such as 48,000 Hz, set theappropriate calling frequency). The pricing device should clearly state the claims you can support.
    • Try disabling it (this is not possible if playback from a computer is possible).
    • Try to divert their attention, because listening to the recording can overload the audio device and the computer. If this solves the problem, read the Update Audio Devices and Drivers, Computer Resource Management, and Drivers wiki pages to learn how to make your audio device, or perhaps computer, more powerful.
    • In the device toolbar, make sure the playback and display devices are correctly and explicitly selected.
      • On Windows, don’t try to use the “Microsoft Sound Or mapper” “Basic Sound Driver” which points to the Windows default peak device; Select the desired device by name. For “Windows Direct Sound”, try selecting “Host” instead of “MME”.

    Check Operating System Settings

    • Windows: Follow the Windows instructions to access and configure Windows sound settings. The most important points:
    • Make sure all available inputs are listed and therefore enabled in the Windows sound dialog.
    • Optional for Windows: Ensure that the default format for playback and recording devices contains the same bit rate model and number of recording channels in Audacity.
    • It’s very rare that the idea of ​​using the default 16-bit or 24-bit format and then changing Audacity’s quality settings to that experimental format can help.
    • If necessary, check both boxes for exclusive modes, you need to set the Host option in the Audacity Devices toolbar to “Windows DirectSound” and select the project speed that your devices support for playback and recording. Then Audacity can get that request rate directly from the audio device.
    • On PC select: Finder . In the “Devices”, “Audio” section, select the desired recording and playback devices. In the “Format” section, set the same sampling rate, the same bit depth, tfrom the same phone number and the same recording channels as here in Audacity.
    • Linux:
    1. Try first updating the list of Audacity audio devices and then selecting the default option in the GPS toolbar. If the error persists, check our Audacity settings again.
    2. It makes sense for another application to have exclusive access to the device’s sound. Try logging out and back in as soon as possible, then check your Audacity settings again before opening another app that might be using the audio device.
    3. If you see an option in the device toolbar, make sure you have Pulse Audio Volume Control (pavucontrol) installed. If you don’t have this item installed, use the Human Body Package Manager to install it. Open the pulse sound volume control and check if the output of the device is available.
    4. If your computer is running the Jack Audio System, it will be selected as the host in the device’s toolbar. Open
    5. Sound Settings program and check if the recording device is available. Sound settingsThese are often accessed through the speakers from any icon on the desktop, desktop board, or in the system settings menu.
    6. Open AlsaMixer (type alsamixer in some terminal window) and check the MP3 interface and burner settings. To view the AlsaMixer manual, expand alsamixer in a terminal window.

    Check Device Drivers And Firmware

    The built-in audio device of a personal computer should usually have the latest drivers for your operating system provided by the mobile computing device or motherboard manufacturer. An external PCI or stereo card should usually have the latest drivers and firmware provided by the device manufacturer. See the “Updating Audio Device Drivers” section on the wiki for instructions on how to fix driver issues.

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