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This article will help you if you find that the automake-1.10 command is not found.

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    All systems

    apt-get install automake1.10

    apt-get uses automake1.10

    apt-get install automake1.10


    Tool for creating makefiles conforming to Est gnu standards

    support for automake, which automatically generates `’ files from `’ files. The point of automake is really to offload Makefile maintenance to your current individual GNU maintainer (and put it on the automake maintainer’s back). `’ is essentially a series of random `make’ macros (with rules added). `Makefile.Generated in accordance with all GNU Makefile standards. Automake 1.10 blocks one of the many impact situations, on automake.4, 1.6, 1.7, 1.8, and 1. So 9 is renamed to keep version history available.

    Why is this topic closed?
    The most recent version, which is valuable if (0.3.5) does not contain changes to your business.

    I’m trying to build a cafe On Ubuntu 16.04, what should I do now? Does cmake worry about having to fix the glog coupon along with your commit?

    You said you should definitely change the makefile to use the newer version of aclocal, but as @oren-yowza then mentioned @cristid9 , that’s not it , what you need. save.
    However, I tried and failed with
    CMakeFiles/glog.dir/build.make:111: Failed recipe ambition for 'extern/glog-prefix/src/glog-stamp/glog-build' make[2]: *** [ external/glog -prefix error /src/glog-stamp/glog-build] 2 CMakeFiles/Makefile2:99: recipe target not "CMakeFiles/glog failed at.dir/all" make[1]: *** [CMakeFiles/glog.dir/ all] error i at 2

    Update: Fixed Caffe by editing cmake/External/glog.cmake in any Caffe source, commenting out the GIT_TAG line and adding a new line:
    GIT_VERSION "4f3e18bf26cdb794fc66cec348f57b5838a0c929"
    (Probably the one mentioned above).

    I tried to manage pcre. I use the following directives from Pcre:

    cd directory im /bin/sh && /usr/httpd-2.4.9/srclib/pcre-8.33/missing automake-1.13 –gnu Makefile/usr/httpd-2.4.9/srclib/pcre-8.33/missing: twine 81: automake-1.13: command not foundWARNING ‘automake-1:.13’ is missing from your system. You only need itBut if you are using a modified “” or Files “configure.Or m4,ac” with batch traffic updates from “”. The automake program is part of the GNU Automake package:

    I used the Automake 1.13 configuration, but it was being worked on before and I didn’t have permission to create items in the root directory.

    Update: Just Use Homebrew To Paste And Package And Enjoy.

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  • Install Homebrew and simply install its autoconf, automake and libtool:

    infuse as install autoconf automake libtool

    When I wrote this answer about 3+ years ago I had to correct the previous one answer which was outdated, just a link whose explanation was so vague. To the point that experts say I’d rather use source compilation on macOS than a specific package manager like Homebrew for a specific task like this, at the time I just found Homebrew and MacPorts a bit immature.

    Now use Homebrew i brew) (also used regularly on macOS, e.g. usethose apt-get doc on Ubuntu and yum on CentOS. I would recommend compiling everything from raw source on macOS unless you really have no choice.

    i This question is over 3 years old, but the accepted answer is a link that only has answers provided and that link is right now. And the other answer is indeed correct, but it still doesn’t explain the actual practical process required to update GNU versions behind autoconf and automake libtool to install in Mac OS X. Includes

    The first one is xcode, at least since version 4.3 I believe.- .our versions are .GNU .de .autoconf, .automake .libtool< /code> .and .no .more .. This doesn't mean you can't download the GNU tools yourself. Here's how it works.

    I've used this subprocess Mac OS ten x.6 (Snow Leopard), 10.7 (Lion), 10.8 (Mountain Lion) and 10.9 (Mavericks) without any problems.

    Install And Xcode Xcode Toolset Sold.

    The first requirement for this is that installed along with the Xcode command line tools. If you need to install autoconf , automake libtool most likely haveYou already have Xcode and the command line tools connected, but I just want to point this out to those who haven't figured it out yet.

    automake-1.10 command not found

    Now the show! Just note that the download version numbers are based on what's already there (as of a typical April 2015) and is mostly working at the time of posting. Adapt to other autoconf modes requiring:

    Install 2.69.

    curl -O -L -xzf autoconf-2.69.tar.gz
    cd autoconf-*
    .From /configure
    install sudoreach

    automake-1.10 command not found

    Check the newly installed Anders, autoconf to make sure everything passed --version

    autoconf block>  

    autoconf 2.69

    Install automake 1.15.

    curl -O -L -xzf automake-1.15.tar.gz
    cd automake-*
    .sudo /configure
    set neck

    Check just installedNew automake for your version to make sure everything went well:

    auto-generation --version



    Install libtool 2.4.6.

    curl -OL -xzf libtool-2.4.6.tar.gz

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