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If you are getting a centos yum checksum error code, this guide should help.

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    Sometimes this error occurs despite installing the a package or modifying it using the YUM command.

    The error usually occurs when the checksum algorithm specified in the repository file absolutely does not support the yum version.


    Bobcares, we often receive requests regarding this course of action and errors as part of our server management services.

    Today, let’s take a quick look at why this error occurs. We will also see how our support engineers will fix the current checksum error.

    Why Is The Yum Error Involved In The Checksum?

    Yum stands for Yellowdog Modified Updater. YUM is a program that performs installation, upgrade, and removal similar to Red Hat’s package management (RPM) systems.

    A checksum is a small piece of data assigned to each file to detect errors. In other words, if the file is corrupted, the checksum may not match. So this indicates an error.

    The usual tasty checksum error occurs every time you install or update a computer.New package with yum.

    Often an error occurs during installation when so many packages do not match the architecture of the computer.

    The bug was discovered when Yum Update on Centos5 and Box uses rhel5 RPM packages from a real repository on a CentOS6 or RHEL6 server (or elsewhere where a much more up-to-date createrepo is available). Creatorepo can be a program that creates another repomd repository (XML-based RPM metadata) from the correct RPM set.

    To put it simply, the error says that the experts say that yum cannot resolve the sha256 checksum. This is due to the necessary libraries that you cannot purchase for yum to correctly calculate the various checksums.


    Check out how all of our support engineers help resolve these types of issues in a variety of ways.

    Various Methods For Fixing Yum Error While Reading Checksum!

    At Bobcares, where we have over a decade of server management experience, we have found that many clients are having problems with the new yum checksum runtime error.

    Let’s now op We share the main reasons for such an error and explain how our support engineers deal with this error using various methods.

    1. Install Python-hashlib

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  • Python 2.6 uses Hashlib for execution, while Python 2.4 uses the SHA module for checksum execution. Version a of the exact SHA module shipped with CentOS 5.3 does not support sha256, so we get a checksum error.

    Recently, a customer reported a problem with yum failing when setting the checksum of a package that works with yum. Installing python hashlib negotiation to add SHA256 functionality. So our support engineers fixed some bugs by installing python-hashlib to fix this actual problem.

    yum install python-hashlib

    After installing SHA256 python-hashlib, the algorithm worked with the yum command. This fixed the error.

    2. Delete Suspicious Repository

    During registration, some clients on our team were returning the following error when installing the Python hash library.

    Install yum plugins: python-hashlibLoading only loads in fonew mode, fastest mirror, IBM Check Lotus updates, IBM repository, service pack, adequate protection, version blockingLoad mirror speed from cached hosts fileCustomize the installation processThe package python-2.6.6-29.el6_3.3.x86_64 is already attached and has the latest versiondo not do anything[[Secure Email] ~]#

    On further investigation, we discovered that he, in turn, wrote the unsolicited report. We disabled some unwanted repositories before installing python-hashlib.

    1. First, we also opened the following config file to set various 0

    to enable


    centos yum checksum

    yum select python-hashlib

    3. Creating A Repository With Sha1

    However, in certain situations, when a client has used a custom repository by purchasing a newer version of createrepo, this results in the same error. Here the Repodata checksum was generated using sha256 which was often not supported by yum with Centos 5. This leads the support team to the following oshibke:[Errno -3] Error performing checksum

    So they restored the repository’s metadata using the sha1 checksum with the following command.

    createrepo -s -d sha1 /path/to/repository

    After creating the repository metadata with sha1 everything worked as expected

    4. Disable Spelling

    A checksum error can also occur if the Epel repository is corrupted. In such cases, another immediate solution is to disable the entire epel repository.

    We may be able to disable this by editing the file to enable=0, or by renaming the file. Here we disabled it by renaming the list.

    mv /etc/yum.repos.d/epel,.bak
    It's delicious to wash everything

    We have fixed a bug that caused many customers to disconnect Epel.

    5. Reinstall The Package

    Finally, frequently reinstalling the package can also fix the bug with yum actually calculating the checksum. In addition to the correct files, several files are also overwritten duringnew installation.

    [Still unable to fix yum errors? – We will help you.]


    centos yum checksum

    When decimating, there can be many reasons why yum can’t perform a checksum. The most common cause is an unsupported repository with yum version, yum cache, etc. Today we saw each of our support engineers fix this error.

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