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If Comodo Antivirus is not up to date on your PC, this article can help you fix it.

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    I have 10, Windows CIS Ver Virus n especiall 32030. When I try to update the corresponding antivirus program on the CIS screen and do so, I get the error “Error loading database from website”. undefined . Do you know where I can download and import virus data? Could you please provide a permanent web page where you can always find virus database updates for potential bugs like this one? Thank you

    comodo antivirus wont update


    This was supposed to be a quick bug, but it usually uploads here:

    AV Databse

    I have windows 10, CIS version, infection, version 32030. When testing an antivirus update on the CIS screen, after the error “Error loading database from the site”, this indicates that the error usually does not to be specified. Do you know exactly where I can download and move the virus database? Could you providea better permalink where you always have the option to find antivirus data source updates for future bugs of this valuable type, thanks



    Win10 x64 Pro – 21H1 (19044.1526) / IEC vs. WiseVector StopX

    Win11 64x Pro – 21H2 (22000.493) / IEC

    Comodo forum recommendation “If you think you’re small enough to make a difference, enjoy sleeping with a mosquito.”

    I’m currently on Windows 10, CIS, version, PC virus, version 32030. When I test the antivirus update on the CIS screen, the error “failed to load data of the underlying website” indicates that most of the errors are not specified . Do you know exactly where I can download the import virus database? Could you provide a specific permalink where you can usually find updated antivirus information for future errors of this kind? Thank you

    Is Comodo Antivirus A virus?

    This is a completely free Comodo antivirus tool that provides instant virus protection and virus removal within minutes.

    Hello Grail

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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Open the program and click "Scan"
  • 3. Click "Repair" to start the restoration process

  • Thanks for the report.

    Is Comodo Antivirus real?

    Comodo isn’t even one of the most popular Trojan horse suites, so there aren’t many test results for the game. Independent antivirus testing organization AV-Test said that the premium version of Comodo’s security suite works well against real-world malware.

    This is a good temporary problem, so you can restart your computeryuter and explore (or) if not, if it still exists in the fullest sense of the word, feel free to contact North America.





    I have windows 10, CIS virus 12 version 0.0.6818 version 32030. When I try to update the antivirus on the CIS screen, I get the following error “database error from download site”. Error not specified You know where I can export and import virus databases. May give you a permalink on how to always find updates to many antivirus databases for future such restores. Thank you

    I dealt with this error for about 5 days until I decided to uninstall and reinstall Comodo. He was then able to accurately date the latest database/definition. It is impossible to solve it manually by systematically following the threads in the right way to achieve it.


    Hello Gral!

    Thanks for the report.

    This is a short term problem. Could you change your computer and/or check various things, if that still makes sense feel free to give us a call or email.

    Best Regards

    This is not a temporary issue. I received a copy of this proposal with all these proposals. Please help me if someone can.


    I’m having a similar problem, but hibernation has nothing to do with it. It stubbornly refuses to apply the current cav file. When I try the manual method it says there is a version conflict in the file and tries to remove translation 449 not version 511 but maybe the latest update is still 510. Here is

    Is there a redundant copy of the old file in the usage cache? if so, it should be removed. I had the exact same problem with another app a few months ago.Hell, and it really was a problem.


    How do I manually update my Comodo Antivirus?

    Click on the “Antivirus” button in the top navigation bar from top to bottom.Click Scanner Settings.Make sure the interface is open right in the “Real-time Analysis” section.Enable or disable “Automatic update of virus databases”.

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    I’m having a similar problem, but it’s not just about hibernation. It categorically refuses to provide the current .cav file, even though the last full update should be 510.

    Is there an excess copy of the file in the copy cache? if so, you really need to remove it. Some time ago I had exactly the same problem with another app and problem.

    I shared your post because this topic is completely different from the rest of the topic.

    The currently installed AV Signature collection is located in C:ProgramDataComodoCissignatures with a .cav file extension. When using the update task, slow database updates are stored in C:ProgramData. ComodoCiswpTempcavsedb. You can try deleting them and updating again.

    comodo antivirus wont update


    I made an actual post in a similar place. “allegedly” was published corrected. the suggested fix does NOT work and I find it rude that my own original post was removed before confirmation of success and/or failure was received!

    Is Comodo better than Avast?

    While Comodo’s primary goal may be to stop malware, Avast offers a comprehensive program for the entire computer. Comodo is a customer experience leader. Avast offers online documentation combined with 24/7 phone support, but Comodo offers a much wider range of options.

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