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You should read these troubleshooting tips if you receive an “epson Customization Utility: This program cannot be used” error message on your computer.

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    How do I reset my Epson printer without the software?

    STEP 3: Wait, After five (5) seconds.STEP 4: Press and hold the pink button.STEP 5: Press the pink button for about 10 seconds.STEP 1: Press the power button (this button is disabled by your printer)STEP 2: Wait 10 seconds.

    Are you tired of running the Epson setup program? The processing program always displays “Error, this program cannot be used”, and also displays or reports “Error, this program cannot be used, mainly because it has expired”. For this reason, the decision has expired. Although the validity periodIf the program has expired, you can play it by changing the date setting on your computer to match the program setting. You can also use this guide to fix the problem and run the unmapped schemas error again. Setup Program Example In this guide, I use the Epson C90 reset program again. It works for any version of the setup program.

    Please observe the following precautions before re-running the fix (re-running is important to avoid


    • Delete all C:Adjustment folders in the program
    • Alt=””

      How do I fix error code 2100012c?

      prepare everything for reset support (eg enter key etc.).Turn off the device, wait 5 seconds, then turn on the printer again.Wait 2-3 seconds, and then try resetting the remaining ink cartridges counter.

    • Then usually change the date setting on the corresponding desktop with setting type

    How do I download the resetter on my Epson printer?

    You will probably download a service reset utility when you receive the following message related to your PC: A part of your printer is nearing the end of its life. Click the link below to find out more. Click this link and enter the required information to download the utility. you

    For example, I’m using Epson’s (Resetter c90 C90) epson.

  • Optional

      Setup program, then navigate to the extracted folder.

    • Click on then highlight, select details explorer (customizee window to detailed
    • View view)
    • configured data “AdjProg. Exe companion (parameter = modified date), AdjProg.exe Epson – c90 2007-07-11 (July 11, 2007

    • Then )
    • Change the setting to July 11 before running Setup again. , 2007

    • Double click on the clock in the system tray and click “Start” – Control Panel at this point select “Date and time”
    • Because
    • you make settings, for example, with the program using Epson c90. The date setting for this adjustment is definitely July 11, 2007. So update the date setting to – PC July 11 (for Epson C90 2007 adjustment) – accept – OK


    Run the customizer. As soon as you do not see the error text, you have successfully launched the customizer on your computer. You might be interested in How to run the Epson C110 setup program and the C90 setup program, epson C58, C67, C79, R270, R390, RX650, CX3900

    BUTBUTBUTEpson Justeringsprogramfel Detta Program Kan Inte Anvandas
    Erreur Du Programme De Reglage Epson Ce Programme Ne Peut Pas Etre Utilise
    Epson Aanpassingsprogramma Fout Dit Programma Kan Niet Worden Gebruikt
    Blad Programu Dostrajania Epson Ten Program Nie Moze Byc Uzywany
    Errore Programma Di Regolazione Epson Questo Programma Non Puo Essere Utilizzato
    Error Del Programa De Ajuste De Epson Este Programa No Se Puede Utilizar
    Epson Anpassungsprogrammfehler Dieses Programm Kann Nicht Verwendet Werden
    엡손 조정 프로그램 오류 이 프로그램은 사용할 수 없습니다
    Erro No Programa De Ajuste Epson Este Programa Nao Pode Ser Usado
    Oshibka Programmy Nastrojki Epson Etu Programmu Nelzya Ispolzovat