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You may encounter an error code indicating that an error occurred with an invalid class object pointer. Coincidentally, there are several ways to solve this problem, which we will return to shortly.

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    In this chapter, we will talk in detail about how to get access and file permissions in Unix. File ownership is part of an important Unix context that secures the concept of file storage. Every file that Unix appears in has the following links –

  • Owner permissions. The permission owner decides what the owner of which file you are viewing can do with most of the file.

  • Group permissions. Group permissions determine what actions a user, who can be considered a member of the group to which he belongs in relation to a file, can perform on a file. (world


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    Other – Other permissions determine what other users can do with the file.

  • Authorization Flags

    When using the ls -l command, various information related to file permissions is displayed, which are below ˆ’

    $ls -l /home/amrud-rwxr-xr– two users amrood 800 Nov 2 MyfileDrwxr-xr— 00:10 specific person amrood user 1440 Nov 2 00:10 mydir

    Here, each first column represents a different wayTo access, i.e. the permission associated with the file or directory. Permissions

    they are obviously divided into groups of three, and the position of each in the group also means a certain permission, in this case: read (r), write (w), execute (x) –

  • The first three (2-4) characters represent file permissions. For example, -rwxr-xr– indicates that it has read (r), create (w), and execute (x) permissions.

  • The second person is three characters (5-7) similar to a group of “To” to help you identify which file it belongs to. For some reason, -rwxr-xr– represents a group doing (r) read and execute (x) but without write permission.

  • Three-character The final fraction (8-10) represents one of the permission types for all others. Represents -rwxr-xr– read-only access(r) as a demonstration.

    < /li >

    File Access Modes

    error illegal pointer to class object

    File permissions are the primary line of defense for Unix system security. The well-defined building blocks of real Unix permissions are read, write, and execute permissions, which have been described with ˆ’


    Provides the ability to read the contents of a file, i.e. the H.


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  • Provides some option to change the contents of a file or delete it without asking questions.


    Users with execute permissions can run the file as a program.

    Directory Access Modes

    The access methods for listed directories are often structured, organized, and just like any other file. There are a few differences that, according to experts, are worth mentioning:


    Accessing a directory means that the data subject can read its contents. Can an Internet user access names through a file directory.


    Access means that the file reader can add or remove files by directories between.


    The runtime directory doesn’t really make sense, so consider it a pass.user permission

    We really need to have access to a directory in the tray, each to run our ls or cd commands. change permissions


    For file access rightsfile or list, use chmod mode) (change. There are two Chmod methods: use exclusive mode and absolute mode.

    Use chmod in character mode

    The easiest way for a beginner to change permissions on a file or directory is to use the new character mode. With symbolic permissions, you can add, remove, or specify the basic set of permissions you want using the operators below.

    Comp.Nr.Chmod operator and description 1


    Add permissions to added or directory file.


    Removes the primary permissions assigned to a file or data directory.



    Sets the specified permissions.

    Here is an exercise with a test file. Running ls -1 on the test file shows that individual file permissions −

    $als -h test file-rwxrwxr– 1 owner amrood 1024 Nov ii test 00:10 file

    Then each chmod purchase example from the previous table is applied to the test file, followed by vii -lso you can see the main permission changes –

    Test file $chmod o+wx$als -c 1 test file-rwxrwxrwx operator amrood 1024 November around 00:10 test file$chmod u-x test file$ls -l test file-rw-rwxrwx 1 computer users amrood 1024 Nov 2 00:10 testfile$chmod g = test file -r rx$as test file-rw-r-xrwx 1 end user amrood 1024 Nov two test files only 00:10

    So you can mix these commands in one place ˆ’

    $chmod o+wx,u-x,g = rx test file$als -t test file-rw-r-xrwx 1 amrood Internet Marketers 1024 6 Nov 00:10 test file

    Use Chmod With Absolute Permissions

    The second way to change permissions while you have the chmod command is to apply a number that represents each file configuration permission.

    Each permission is assigned the value shown in the following table, and the permission set contains the number a for that set.

    number Representing Octal Permissions Link 0 No authorization — 1 Perform resolution –x 2 Permission entry -w- 3

    on the

    Permission to execute and publish: 1 (execute) + (write) = 3 -wx 4 Read permission r– 5 Read and execute option: (Read) 1 4 + (execute) equals 5 y-x 6 Read and write permissions: d (read) + 2 (record) equals 6 pv 7 All permissions: 4 (read) +plus; some (write) &more; 1 (execute) = 7 rwx

    Here is the current and situation using the test file. Running Vii mark -1 on the test file shows that the file permissions are −

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