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    You may get an error saying gnu gettext tools not found and intltool requires ubuntu. Coincidentally, there are a few steps you can take to fix this issue, and we’ll get to that shortly.

    When we talk about internationalization (i18n), when I mean an operation associated with a particular program, or a decision to turn programs into a manual, it draws attention to the need to support many languages. When we can talk about localization (l10n), we mean all operations in which, on an already internationalized platform, we adapt the software itself to process its input and output in a way that turns out to be correct for the native language and, therefore, cultural habits. . .

    Internationalization is usually of interest to programmers, and localization is usually handled by most translators.

    For the purposes of this article, I will see how some of us use the gettext functions available in practice with a small Python program and better understand how, and therefore what is needed to ensure that you can use, internationalize, and localize it from my point of view as a programmer, translator and maintainer of the entire program.

    Overview Of GNU Gettext

    The gettext package is also presentis a set of tools for dealing with the i18n and l10n aspects of proprietary computer programs with the ultimate goal of minimizing their impact. At gettext, we mainly work with PO and MO files and their variations.

    PO files are meant to be read and edited by humans, while MO folders are meant to be read by programs and are generally binary. Another characteristic of MO files is that they often differ from system to system; not portable in nature.

    gnu gettext tools not found required for intltool ubuntu

    One command is a file for one target language. If a package supports multiple languages, there is usually one such PO file for each supported language, and each package has a specific set of PO files. Files ending in .pot are special translation files found in distributions that are close to the PO file format.

    Before starting our tutorial, we need to make sure gettext is fully installed on our system:

    $ dnf install gettext-devel intltool
    $ sudo apt-get install gettext


    $ brew gettext$ cook link --force gettext

    Sample Project

    P Before we start pedaling, it’s important to start with a powerful sample project we’d like to revert to enable i18n and l10n support with gettext. We use a moderate Python application similar to online banking, for example: creating a new bank account, printing all your latest bank statements, depositing funds, or perhaps transferring funds between existing accounts.

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    gnu gettext tools not found required for intltool ubuntu

    Import UUIDBankAccount class (object):    Initial_balance=0 output): __init__(self, self.= initial_balance sum = st(uuid.uuid4())        webpage print("Bank ID was created using initial balance: balance").format(, balance=self.balance))   Deposit def(self, amount):        own balance += amount        print("Amount of the entered current balance").format(amount=amount))    withdraw (for yourself, amount):        self.balance -= quantity        Amount print("Withdrawn from current day's balance").format(amount=amount))    Protection covered (on your own):        restore self-balance < 0    def print_balance(i):        print("Balance of account 'id' is equal to: balance").             Format (id=self.inner diameter, balance=self.balance))Bank class (object):    Bank accounts a equal to []    tool create_account(self, initial_balance=0):       New_account = Bank account (initial_balance)        self.bank_accounts.append(new_account)       Return new_account    definition of list_accounts (i):       Return self.bank_accounts   Def transfer_balance(self, from_account_id, to_account_id, amount):        from_account is self.get_account_by_id(from_account_id)        to_account = self.get_account_by_id(to_account_id)        if you consider from_account is None and to_account is None:            print("One of the account numbers does not exist")            come back to        from_account.withdraw(amount)        to_account.deposit(amount)        print("Amount successfully transferred from account 'from_account_id' to account: to_account_id").              format(amount=amount, from_account_id=from_account_id, to_account_id=to_account_id))    outl get_account_by_id(self, id_param):        Accounts equal to [acc for acc in self.bank_accounts if == id_param]        if you find len(accounts) == 1 :            return accounts[0]        different:            Back Noif __name__ == '__main__':    financial = bank()    first = bank.create_account(100)    equals the second bank. create_account(150)    bank.transfer_balance (,, 50)    first.print_balance()    second.print_balance()

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    Gnu Gettext Verktyg Hittades Inte Kravs For Intltool Ubuntu
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