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If the requested faad afm=faad audio codec family is not available on your system, we hope this user guide will help you resolve the issue.

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    requested audio codec family faad afm=faad not available

    If you are forwarding a private connection to home, for example, you can run an antivirus on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware.

    If the person is in the office and on a public network, I would say that you can ask the network administrator to scan the network for misconfigured or infected devices.

    requested audio codec family faad afm=faad not available

    Another way to prevent all these pages from appearing in the future is to use the Privacy Pass. Therefore, you will probably need to download version 2.0 from the Firefox Add-ons Store.

    I downloaded this Doom trailer( finds and does not findneither mplayer nor totem can access it. Here is the mplayer [email protected] ~/download/video $ doom_trlr5_700k mplayer.movMPlayer 1.0pre7try2-3.4.4(C) 2000-2005 MPlayer TeamPProcessor: Intel Pentium 4/Xeon/Celeron Foster (family: stepping: 8, 9)The detected cache line sizes are 64 bytes.MMX2 supported but disabledCPUflags: MMX: 1 MMX2: 3 3DNow: 0 3DNow2: 0 SSE: SSE2 defined: 1Compiled for x86 processor with extensions: MMX SSE SSE285 screen and 196 video codecsPlay file configuration detected.-------------MOV Track #0: 467 songs, 3501 samplesMOV: Unknown Film Atom Media Found (21)!Image size: 480 x 260 (24 bits per pixel)Display size: 480 x SVQ3 270Fourcc: Codec: "Sorenson Video 3"-------------MOV Track #1: 565 songs, 5030 samplesAudio bits: 16 channels: double rate: 44100Additional audio header: len=109 fcc=0x77617665MOV: MPEG4 Audio Elementary Stream Descriptor Atom (57) found!Furk: mp4a-------------MOV: longest waterways: A: #1 (5030 samples) V: #0 (3501 samples)VIDEO: [SVQ3] 480x270 24bpp 29970fps 0.0kbps (Audio 0.0kbps)============================================= === =================The requested internal codec [faad] (afm=faad) is not available.Enable compilation.Could not find codec for audio format 0x6134706D.Read DOCS/HTML/en/codecs.html!============================================= === =================vo: X11 with 1024 x 768 resolution and 24 and 32 bpp depth (:0.0" => local display)================================================ ====================Open video decoder: [ffmpeg] libavcodec FFmpeg codec familySelected training codec: [ffsvq3] vfm:ffmpeg (FFmpeg Video sorenson v3 (SVQ3))============================================= === =================Sound: no soundStart reading...VDec: vo config request for - 480 x two seventy (preferred csp: Planar YV12)VDec: Using Planar YV12 as csp output (step 0)The appearance of the movie is usually not defined - scaling is not applied.VO: [xv] 480x270 480x270 => level YV12V: 1.1 35/ 45 33% 0% 0.0% 0 zero 96%V: 116.8 3501/3501 8% 0% 0.0% 0 0 Alwaysnot 0%reproducible: reproducible:1. Download TV open this movie with mplayerCurrent results:No audio codecExpected results:Ability to hear soundPorted (default linux/x86/2005.0, gcc-3.4.4, glibc-2.3.5-r1,2.6.12-gentoo-r6 i686)============================================= === ========System Name: 2.6.12-gentoo-r6 i686 Pentium(R) Intel(r) 4 CPU 2.40 GHzGentoo base system version 1.12.0_pre8dev-language/python: 2.3.5, 2.4.1-r1system apps/sandbox: 1.2.1-r2sys-devel/autoconf: 2.13, 2.59-r7sys-devel/automake: 1.4_p6, 1.5, 1.6.3, 1.7.9-r1, 1.8.5-r3, 1.9.6sys-devel/binutils: 2.16.1sys-devel/libtool: 1.4.3-r4, 1.5.20virtual/os headers: 2.6.11-r2ACCEPT_KEYWORDS="x86~x86"AUTO CLEAN="yes"CBUILD="i686-pc-linux-gnu"CFLAGS="-march=pentium4 -mtune=pentium4 -msse -msse2 -mmmx -pipe -fomit-frame-pointer"CHOST="i686-pc-linux-gnu"CONFIG_PROTECT="/etc -mfpmath=sse-o3 /usr/kde/2/share/config /usr/kde/3.4/env/usr/kde/3.4/share/config /usr/kde/3.4/shutdown /usr/lib/mozilla/defaults/pref /usr/kde/3/share/config/usr/lib/x11/xkb /usr/share/config/var/qmail/manage"CONFIG_PROTECT_MASK="/etc/gconf /etc/termininfo /etc/env.d"CXXFLAGS="-march=pentium4 -mtune=pentium4 -msse -msse2 -mmmx -mfpmath=sse-O3 -esophagus -fomit-frame-pointer"DISDTIR="/usr/portage/distfiles"FEATURES="autoconfig distlocks sandbox sfperms strict"GENTOO_MIRRORS=""LANGUAGE="en_RU.UTF-8"MAKEOPTS="-j3"PKGDIR="/usr/portage/packages"PORTAGE_TMPDIR="/var/tmp"PORTDIR="/usr/port"SYNC="rsync://"USE="7zip X aalib acl acpi alsa apache2 apm audio file avi berkdb bidibitmap fonts bzip2 bzlib cairo cdb cdparanoia cdr crypt cscope cups curlcurlwrappers custom-cflags dbm dbus dio directfb divx4linux dvd dvdread edsEmbossing Scribe Evolution Examples Extensions more fam fastcgi fbcon ffmpeg fftwfirefox flac foomaticdb fortran ftp gd gdbm ggi presen gimpprint gnome gnutls gpmgstreamer gtk gtk2 gtkhtml tricky hal hardenedphp hsql hsqldb i8x0 icc icc-pgoiconv imagemagick icq imap imlib iodbc son jabber jack espresso coffee javamail jcejdbc fun jpeg jpeg2k junit koi8-r ladspa ldap libcaca libedit libg++ libwwwlive mad maildir mbox memlimit mikmod mime ming mmx mmx2 mono mozdevelop mozillamozsvg mp3 mpeg msession msql database mysql mysqli nas ncurses network nls nntp nptlnptonly ntp nvidia odbc ogg oggvorbis openal opengl openldap osd oss ​​pam pdflibperl pgo php png portaudio postgres ppds python quicktime readline sincerely transcodesamba sasl sdl genericsession sharedmem silc language slp smp sndfile snmp socketssocks5 soundtouch magic spl sqlite sse sse2 ssl svg svga tcltk tcpd theoraOrganized Streams Tiff Shyness Tokenizer TrueType Fonts TrueType Fonts Type1 Unicodeusb userlocales utf utf8 vhosts vorbis win32codecs wxwindows x86 xine xineramaxml xml2 xmlrpc xmms xosd xpm xsl xv xvid zlib video_cards_nvidia userland_GNUlinux_kernel elibc_glibc"Undefined: AFLAGS, CTARGET, LC_ALL, LDFLAGS, LINGUAS, PORTDIR_OVERLAY

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    Familia De Codecs De Audio Solicitada Faad Afm Faad Nao Disponivel
    Zaproshennoe Semejstvo Audiokodekov Faad Afm Faad Nedostupen
    Familia De Codecs De Audio Solicitada Faad Afm Faad No Disponible
    Begard Ljudkodekfamilj Faad Afm Faad Inte Tillganglig
    Angeforderte Audio Codec Familie Faad Afm Faad Nicht Verfugbar
    Codec Audio Richiesto Family Faad Afm Faad Non Disponibile
    Zadana Rodzina Kodekow Audio Faad Afm Faad Niedostepne
    Gevraagde Audio Codec Familie Faad Afm Faad Niet Beschikbaar
    Famille De Codecs Audio Demandee Faad Afm Faad Non Disponible