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    Hope this user guide will help you when access to sql wmi provider is denied. This issue occurs when uninstalling SQL Server 2008 on a per-instance basis because both 32-bit and 64-bit instances share the actual WMI. Removing most instances will remove the WMI provider. You do not have permission or the server may not be available.”

    First published on MSDN January 4, 2009.

    What is WMI in SQL Server Configuration Manager?

    SQL Server Configuration Manager uses Window Management Instrumentation (WMI) to view and change certain server settings. When developing on servers, SQL Server Configuration Manager uses WMI to achieve the glory of SQL Server Services (MSSQLSERVER) and SQL Server Agent.

    When trying to change the login account for our SQL Services [SQL Server, SQL Agent, Full Text, Analysis Services] from my SQL Server Computer Manager, you may receive the following error message:

    This article focuses on SQL Services installed on Windows clusters using Failover Instances.

    Why can’t I connect to WMI provider?

    In some trial versions, when you may try to start the SQL Server Configuration Manager, you may receive the following error message: Unable to call the WMI provider. You probably don’t have permission or the server is considered unavailable. Note that SQL Server 2005 and later servers can only be managed using SQL Server Configuration Manager.

    If most often this error is caused only by the [Change Service Startup Account] operation, and your company can perform all other operations on the computer and then in the manager, check the following:

    -Porter When configuring SQL Server, you entered a domain group for Bundle Services.

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  • – You must be absolutely sure that one of the following statements, withMost likely true:

    sql wmi provider error access is denied

    o The Windows user account under which you run SQL Server Computer Manager has the appropriate selection in Active Directory to enter the new service run account for the domain group for the cluster.

    What is SQL Server WMI provider?

    The WMI provider is the ideal published layer for use with the SQL Server Configuration Manager Microsoft Management Console (MMC) snap-in, as well as with Microsoft SQL Server Configuration Manager.

    o The new service start account is considered to have already been added to the correct domain group for the cluster. You can specify different domain groups for SQL Server, SQL Agent, Full Text Services, and Analytic Services. Be sure to add the appropriate service start account that belongs to my correct group domain.

    Basically these thoughts are telling you that the SQL Machine Management WMI provider [sqlmgmprovider.Attempted dll] allows them to add a new international service account to the domain group associated with the cluster and it failed with an error.

    You will find that the recommended steps to change service startup information on a failover cluster are described in the KB article:

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