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Sometimes your computer may display an error message indicating that a component’s primeoutput method returned error code 0x80040e21. There can be several reasons for this error to appear.

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    File Source Flat (396) code component returned error 0x80040E21. The component returned an error code in case of a pipeline engine named PrimeOutput(). Meaning – html code is an error defined by the component, but somehow the error is fatal and execution of the particular pipeline is stopped.

    PrimeOutput Method
    the primeoutput method on component returned error code 0x80040e21

    I’m getting all the data from a Sybase database (using an ODBC connection) to upload to a file used by MS-SSIS, but I get the following errors in the stream info task when I call Get.


    : error: error codeSSIS DTS_E_PRIMEOUTPUTFAILED.
    primeoutput method returned error code 0x80004005. The component sent an
    error code when the routing engine called PrimeOutput().
    The average error code is defined for each component, but the specific error is fatal and the pipeline stops running.
    Bug reports may need to be published in advance to get more information about the bug.

    I’ve tried setting MaxConCurrentExecutions=1, although some websites suggest much the same.

    Using the same main/Is db connection works well for some table fetch instances.
    The same connection works fine when running in MS-Visual debug mode with Studio SSDT.< /p>

    I need help until this issue is resolved. We are always happy to help anyone.

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  • I got this concept error when I run From ssis task for SQL:

    “Message executed as user: LMPIsqlagent.Microsoft (R) SQL Server Run utility version package 10.50.1600. For copyright 1 32 bit (C) Year of Microsoft Corporation. All rights reservedene. A spear: 14:00:32 01/08/2015 Error: 14:00:38.04 Code: 0xC0047038
    Source: SSIS Task Thread Numbers. Pipeline SSIS Description: Error. code DTS_E_PRIMEOUTPUTFAILED. Method Role PrimeOutput Flat Source” file (396) changed error code 0x80040E21. Component an error code is returned as soon as the pipeline handler calls PrimeOutput(). The style value is determined by the failure component, but The error is fatal, in addition to executing the pipeline. Might be a mistake Previously notified with additional error information message. End Error DTExec: Batch execution resulted in a Dtser_failure (1). 14:00:32 Started: Finished: 14:00:39 Elapsed: 6.63 seconds. in Failed to execute package. The business failed.”

    What is the error code for SSIs primeoutput?

    Getting SSIS error code DTS_E_PRIMEOUTPUTFAILED. PrimeOutput method in returned error code 0x80004005 in Sybase DB to retrieve file – Microsoft Code Q&A Repairing SSIS error DTS_E_PRIMEOUTPUTFAILED.PrimeOutput

    But when I properly run SSIS on my computer, everything works fine.

    What is the meaning of error code 0x80004003 in primeoutput ()?

    The method for the “Read from Creator Automatic Backlink Table Name (1)” component returned error output 0x80004003. has the Component corrupted code returned by the PrimeOutput() pipeline mechanism. The meaning of the new error code is determined on a per-component basis, but the error is fatal and the pipeline is terminated.

    Department ID: 6e7eee8a4a1e4113

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    the primeoutput method on component returned error code 0x80040e21

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    Il Metodo Primeoutput Sul Componente Ha Restituito Il Codice Di Errore 0x80040e21
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    De Primeoutput Methode Op Component Retourneerde Foutcode 0x80040e21
    구성 요소의 Primeoutput 메서드가 오류 코드 0x80040e21을 반환했습니다
    Metoda Primeoutput Na Komponencie Zwrocila Kod Bledu 0x80040e21
    Die Primeoutput Methode Der Komponente Hat Den Fehlercode 0x80040e21 Zuruckgegeben
    Metod Primeoutput Dlya Komponenta Vernul Kod Oshibki 0x80040e21