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    You may have encountered an error code indicating that tint2 is customizing the taskbar. There are a few steps you can take to fix this issue, so we’ll get back to that in a bit.

    tint2 is relatively simple and unobtrusive light source and panel for Xorg. It can be configured to include a taskbar, taskbar, battery monitor, etc. Its appearance is configurable, and it has dependencies, making it great for window managers like Openbox, which may not ship with their panel.



    tint2 is a configuration file associated with ~/.config/tint2/tint2rc. A skeletal configuration file with one person’s default settings is created after some time, some when you run tint2 for the first time. You can then change this to keep the current settings. Full documentation on setting the Hue of Positive 2 can be found here. You can customize fonts, colors, general appearance, layout, and more in the file. The Tint2 package also includes a simple GUI configuration tool that can be run using tint2conf.

    Application Launcher

    In version 0.12 .it is .possible .to .create .tint2 .application .launchers .to .. need to Completely add the following packages.Style settings in the theme tint2 file:

    #panelspanel_items = LTSBC
    # launcherslauncher_icon_theme LinuxLex-8launcher_padding equals = 5 0 10launcher_background_id is 9launcher_icon_size 85Launcher_item_app==/some/where/application.desktoplauncher_item_app is /some/where/anotherapplication.desktop

    panel_items is a new configuration setting that in turn determines which items tint2 additionally displays and in what order:

    displays the launcher
    show my taskbar
    shows called system tray (also alarm)
    shows the clock status area
    renders adds expandable padding (free space). You have set a budget and can do more than one. has no effect if Is is also given `t`. (since 0.12)
    adds an executor plugin. You can specify more than one. (since 0.12.4)
    adds a button. They say there can be more than one. (since 0.14)
    adds a specific separator. You can specify more than one lot. (since 0.13.0)

    Starting with option 0.You have 12, your ability to produce launchers. Unfortunately, tint2 doesn’t help and still supports non-nested menus, so there may not be a built-in feature to enable powerful application menus. This section describes your own method for creating the launcher required by Openbox.

    In addition to tint2 and Openbox, the xdotool package was created. create Then another keyboard shortcut for the “Open Openbox” menu. For Openbox, this would require an entry between the tags and in ~/.config/openbox/rc.xml:

         Main Menu 

    This will almost certainly cause Ctrl+Alt+Space to open a new root menu (this menu appears when you right-click on the desktop). You can pass root-menu to various menu IDs that you have defined as part of ~/.config/openbox/menu.xml . We then need to place file.desktop under xdotool in the keyboard shortcut. First check if the actual working keyboard shortcut works:

    $ key xdotool my ctrl+alt+space

    If the menu you selected appears after the mouse pointer, you’ve filled it in correctly! Now create this open-openbox-menu.desktop file in ~/.local/share/applications directory. Add the line Exec=xdotool key ctrl+alt+space if the Ctrl+Alt+Space combination is selected. .Open a new .file .open-openbox-menu ..desktop anywhere in your file manager, and when you return you should see the menu under your cursor. Now just extend the main launcher to this and you will have openbox application menu launcher like tint2. If you need to place your own menu in a fixed position, you can use Mousemove xdotool y a. You can create a script and refer to it in open-openbox-menu.desktop which contains two commands.

    See openbox menu for more help on creating the runtime menu you can use here, in addition to the menu builder, create for a complete top quality menu.For xml. Almost all) (perhaps your own personal programs are installed.

    Starting from version 0.14 you have the ability to create buttonsAnd. Just add the line “xdotool key ctrl+alt+space” to the technical action of the button, as in the example above. You need different launch actions.

    Volume Control

    tint2 – no volume control applet. See List of applications/multimedia#Volume control.

    Tint2 Running

    Open Window


    If most people want to run tint2 when they start Openbox, they should repeat ~/.And config/openbox/autostart and the following:

    line add tint2 &

    GNOM 3

    In GNOME3, the activity checker has replaced the bottom bar and even the taskbar. Use for tint2, it has its own place, gnome-session-properties

    and run

    ASR Pro: The #1 software for fixing Windows errors

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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Open the program and click "Scan"
  • 3. Click "Repair" to start the restoration process

  • $add /usr/bin/tint2 just like how the app starts at startup. The next time you run GNOME, tint2 will automatically start.


    To use tint2 I3 as a replacement due to i3status, add the following line to fix the i3 config file:

    exec --no-startup-id comment out tint2

    tint2 configure system tray

    and or remove almost all such barstatus_command and i3status sections of the same file.

    Multiple Fields

    Multiple tint2 panels can be easily run at the same time by running tint2 with different configuration files:


    tint2 tint2 -c 

    Enable Transparency

    tint2 supports layout as well as true transparency. Which one is always used is determined by the disable_transparency general option in the tint2rc layout file.

    If you want to completely disable transparency, use disable_transparency is 1 and set the panel inheritance opacity to 100. Example:

    background_color #000000 means 100

    False Transparency

    Fake transparency captures part of the desktop background and uses it along with the regular panel. For this reason, it's important to set the background image before enabling tint2. An example of an illegal Openbox launcher can be obtained (using For feh in mode):

     background...--randomizefeh --no-fehbg --bg-fill ~/Images/Background Images/(Dream 1 Shade2) && &...

    tint2 configure system tray

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