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    In this blog post, we are going to find out some of the possible causes that might cause Winsock to be pressed and then we will suggest possible fixes that you can try to solve this problem. The listener function is typically used by servers, where experts may have multiple simultaneous relationship requests. In this situation, this winsock is now performing an anxious wait, which can also be interrupted by a scheduled asynchronous procedure call (APC) on the same thread.

    Because the socket is bound to an IP address and the first port available on the system, the server must listen on that IP address and port for incoming connection requests.

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    What is Winsock protocol?

    The Windows Socket API, also known as Winsock, is a type of Application Programming Interface (API) designed to communicate between Windows network PC software and networkservices. It is based primarily on TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) and originates from the Berkeley Unix socket interface.

    Invoke the Listen operation, passing as a parameter the stub you created and a backlog value for the maximum queue length for pending connections. In the example above, the backlog parameter has been compressed into SOMAXCONN. This value is a special constant that tells the Winsock provider to queue a reasonable maximum number ofnumber of pending connections.Be sure to check the value for return in errors in general.(

    What is the function of to accept?

    The accept() function retrieves a silent connection from the corner connection queue, creates a new socket with the same socket type protocol and address family as the specified socket, and assigns an information descriptor to this new socket.

    if listen( ListenSocket, SOMAXCONN ) == SOCKET_ERROR )    printf("Listening error: %ldn", WSAGetLastError());     closesocket(ListenSocket);   WSACleanup();    return 1;

    Getting started with Winsock

    winsock function listen

    Winsock Server Application

    Bind socket

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  • At this point in my winsock guide, I need to show you the main winsock roles that work with sockets. It’s important to remember that this page is only an introduction to the full functionality of a socket, so feel free to follow the next tutorial. Don’t start programming right after reading this chapter, the second chapters are just as important as they are.

    It’s easy to see that the functionality of each function is pretty simple, but things like reset mode make it more complicated than it looks. Several of the following chapters contain information, but check out the familiar features first.

    This chapter may be quite long and you may remember less, but that’s okay . Read it carefully so you know what I’ll be talking about in each of our next chapters, you can always come back here and use it as a quick reference.

    1.Starting WSA And Clearing WSA

    winsock function listen

    Before calling the winsock function, you must initialize the winsock library. This is done with WSAStartup. It takes two parameters:

    The highest version of Windows socket support that the caller can choose. The high byte indicates the low-level version (revision) number of the rendering; the low byte indicates the major version number.
    A reference to WSADATA, a data structure most of which is intended to store these implementation details of Windows sockets.

    As explained in each of the tutorials, I’ll be using 8 for our Winsocks. This means you have to set the low byte of wVersionRequested to 2, the high byte can be zero (only the version number of wVersionRequested doesn’t matter). The WSADATA structure with the lpWSAData parameter contains information about the type of Winsock installed.

    The null function returns, productively, when in pOtherwise, you can call WSAGetLastError to see if it’s wrong. WSAGetLastError is definitely the Winsock equivalent of the special Win32 API GetLastError, which retrieves the last error handler encountered.

    It’s often important to remember that you may not get the version requested in the WVersionRequested parameter. This parameter specifies the highest version of Winsock that your application *supports*, not “requires”. Winsock’s efforts may provide you with the actual version you requested, but if that fails, it will simply use the lower version you have. This version is readily available upon request, WVersion to the entire member of the WSADATA structure. You should check the version after frequent calls to make sure you actually have the version of Winsock you really wanted. There is also the wHighVersion membership rank, which offers the most impressive version of winsock supported by the system. In short:

    Choosing the Winsock option wVersionRequested: is the most supportive of your application. In
    whighversion WSADATA: the highest Winsock version supported by the body.
    wVersion in WSADATA: min(wVersionRequested, wHighVersion).Call

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  • SundayWhenever WSAStartup needs WSACleanup, connect that cleans up some Winsock library. While wsastartup is useless, it can be compared to calling wsacleanup more than once.

    2. Exit Function

    The plugin also creates a new socket by returning its first handle. The SOCKET type descriptor is used by all applications that work with the socket. The only invalid socket descriptor value is INVALID_SOCKET (defined as ~0), all others are ethical (this valid value includes zero!) value. Its parameters:

    Use the At address for spouses and children. Use af_inet to practice with the TCP and UDP source address family. From
    type of socket being initiated. Use SOCK_STREAM to create an explosive socket (using TCP) or to create a sock_dgram – socket diagram (using UDP). See the previous chapter for more information on socket techniques.
    Protocol used, the value depends on the source address of the family. Can you tell IPPROTO_TCP to create socket here tcp.

    The return value is copied to the new socket, or If invalid_socket, something went wrong. exit The function can be used, for example, here:

    3. Close Close

    Close socket with socket. It takes precedence if zero is not present, otherwise SOCKET_ERROR fails. Any socket you create with legacy socket must be closed with the appropriate closesocket call.

    What is Winsock data?

    Winsock is any type of class and support API that handles I/O requests for Internet applications on the Windows operating system. Sockets is a special standard for connecting and exchanging information between two of the same internal software processes of a specific computer or a specific network.

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