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HiMovies – Stream And Download Movies For Free

HiMovies is a website where you can stream or download movies and TV series. Given that it offers a large selection of content, including Bollywood, Hollywood, and regional language films, it appears to be fairly popular, particularly with Indian users. HiMovies is also available in the form of an app where you can stream its versatile content on your Android phones.

There are a wide variety of movies in different languages, all on one platform. You can find various types of Korean TV shows that are most popular. Nowadays there is the most popularity for Korean movies and TV shows, especially the youth who are very interested. This app is the best for the youth to watch movies and TV shows.

What Are The Popular Movies Available on HiMovies?

Many movies are popular on this website. Here are some of them:

The Inseparables:

This animated film was released in December 2023. In this humorous adventure tale, a stuffed animal and a puppet, two unexpected friends, embark on a thrilling journey in New York City together.

The Pig, The Snake, And The Pigeon Movie:

A 2023 Taiwanese gangster movie is titled The Pig, the Snake, and the Pigeon. Gui-lin, an aspirational crook, finds that he’s only the third most wanted fugitive in Taiwan—not even the best dog! This sets him on a mission to eliminate the top two offenders and rise to the top. However, his pursuit of fame takes an unforeseen turn.

The Phantom Warrior:

In the 2024 film The Phantom Warrior, the origin story of Nemesis Knight, a masked vigilante, is told. IMDb: The Shadow Warrior Apart from the fact that it stars a wild orphan who turns into a lethal crusader, not much is known about the movie.

The Late Game:

A group of pals utilize their late-night beer league hockey game as an escape from their daily life in this new comedy film, which was released in 2024. The movie’s trailer is available on YouTube at

The Loh Kiwan:

A North Korean defector’s journey to seek asylum in Belgium is the subject of the 2024 South Korean drama film “My Name Is Loh Kiwan.” Here’s a brief synopsis of the film:

Plot: To grant his mother’s final wish—to live in freedom—a young North Korean man named Loh Kiwan flees to Belgium. He struggles to get refugee status and must deal with loneliness and harsh reality. Marie, a lady facing her issues, crosses his path.

Cast: Choi Sung-eun plays Marie, while Song Joong-ki plays Loh Kiwan. Supporting cast members in the movie include Lee Il-hwa, Kim Sung-ryung, and Jo Han-chul.

Film director and writer Kim Hee-jin adapted the 2019 novel “I Met Loh Kiwan” by Cho Hae-jin.

Release: On March 1, 2*024, “My Name Is Loh Kiwan” was made available on Netflix globally.

Megamind Vs. The Doom Syndicate:

Eric Fogel is the director of the 2024 American animated superhero comedy Megamind vs. The Doom Syndicate, which is based on a screenplay by Brent Simons and Alan Schoolcraft. It’s the follow-up to the 2010 movie Megamind and the TV pilot Megamind Rules!

The movie centers on Keith Ferguson’s character Megamind, who battles a supervillain squad he was previously a part of and who, in his new role as the city’s protector, wants to send Metro City to the moon.

Under the false notion that Megamind is still a villain and that his heroic role is part of a sinister scheme, the Doom Syndicate, a group of supervillains of which he was a member, breaks out of prison to visit him. After going on a rampage, they dare Megamind to rob a bank to demonstrate that he is still evil. Megamind finds it difficult to do so, but Keiko Morita—who calls herself his biggest fan—assists him.

Alice In Terrorland:

A 2023 motion picture entitled Alice in Terrorland. In this horror film, Alice, an adolescent, moves in with her grandma after her parents perish in a home fire. Since the house is situated in a remote forest, Alice quickly learns that evil powers are present.

According to reviews, the film is a sinister and frightening retelling of the beloved Alice in Wonderland tale. Alice in Terrorland is a horror film that may be worth seeing if you’re searching for a well-known twist.

What Are The TV Shows That Are Present In Different Languages In HiMovies?

There are many TV shows,showing some of them:

Twenty Twenty (2020) is a South Korean web drama about a group of 20-year-olds who are navigating the challenges and freedoms of young adulthood. The series follows their journeys as they chase their dreams, deal with family issues, and experience love for the first time. You can also find it with English subtitles.

Chasing Love (2019) is a Chinese sports romance drama. It follows Yan Xiao Xi, a talented table tennis player who transfers to Tengyuan College. There, she meets Qi Jing Hao, the leader of the college’s table tennis club. Qi recognizes her skill and convinces her to join. As they work together to revitalize the club and compete for a national championship, their bond deepens, leading to a potential romance.

  • Elsbeth: Elsbeth Tascioni is a wise but outlandish lawyer who, after a prosperous career in Chicago, uses her unusual perspective to make original insights and work with the NYPD to apprehend clever criminals.
  • Veronica: Despite her doubts about her sanity, police woman Veronika Gren (Alexandra Rapaport), who is battling a tablet addiction, acknowledges that she is dealing with victims of unsolved crimes and that her background may be able to aid in apprehending an escaped killer.
  • Athidhi: A loner’s life and home are invaded by unexpected intruders, setting off a horrifying chain of events. Everyone turns into a victim and a suspect.
  • Call Me Dad: Cozy Emil and self-assured Viktor have been friends for a long time and business partners in a sustainable catering firm. Emil’s mother, Helle, and Viktor start dating, which sparks a very unique family conflict. Friendships, alliances, and family ties are pushed to the ultimate test as Emil tries to adjust to his new role as “dad.”
  • Detective Chinatown 2: The story revolves around a number of strange instances that have resurfaced worldwide, featuring appearances by the Kouji Noda team, Tang Ren’s top disciple Lin Mo, and master hacker Kiko. To top it off, there are a ton of new characters and detectives that have appeared! The experienced investigators return in their pursuit of the truth, sparking the Chinatown storm once again! This gripping tale introduces a fresh approach to detective fiction by fusing humor with deep significance.

Conclusion: Overall this website offers a huge amount of movies that are of free cost. But there are some legality issues to keep in mind while watching as they are providing paid movies for free. However, these movies and shows are also available on different legal platforms, but that includes a subscription service, which should be paid depending on the plan you choose.

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