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Snapchat Planet Order – How Does It Works And Its Available Features

Nowadays, there are many hidden features that many of them are not aware of. The Snapchat planet order is one of them. The Snapchat Friend Solar System is a creative and entertaining way for Snapchat to display your closest friends on the network.

Depending on how much you engage with your friends, this system gives them planets, each of which represents a certain position among your top eight best friends.

The planets’ positions and the meanings associated with them are as follows:

  • Mercury is the planet that is nearest to the Sun and, on Snapchat, is your best buddy. With this person, you snap and converse the most.
  • Venus: The planet in second place on the chart represents your second-best friend there.
  • Earth: The third best buddy you have is this planet.
  • Mars: Moving forth, Mars represents your fourth best friend.
  • Jupiter: Your fifth best friend, Jupiter, marks the halfway point.
  • Saturn: Your sixth-best friend, Saturn, is ringed by mystery.
  • Uranus: The planet of surprises and tilt on its axis, Uranus is like your seventh best buddy.
  • Neptune: Your eighth-best friend is Neptune, the farthest planet in the Snapchat solar system.

It’s crucial to remember that this ranking is dynamic and subject to change depending on how you engage with your Snapchat buddies. In your friend’s solar system, sending more frequent Snapchat messages to a certain friend can bring them closer to the Sun (Mercury), while ignoring others may drive them farther away.

Why Might My Planet Order Differ Between Different Friends On Snapchat?

Your friends’ different planet orders on Snapchat are a result of their unique interactions. The summary is as follows:

1. Individual Solar Systems: Every Snapchat user has an individual “solar system” in which they are the Sun, and eight planets stand in for their eight “best friends” according to interactions. Therefore, each user has different standards for identifying their closest friends.

2. Interaction aspects: This criterion takes into account a number of interaction aspects, such as:

  • Snap frequency: The regularity with which you exchange snaps.
  • Chat frequency: The frequency of your back-and-forth chats.
  • Length of streak: The amount of time you have spent snapping with each friend.

3. Differing Priorities: People interact differently. Therefore, their standards for what constitutes a “best friend” may vary. While some friends may place a higher priority on long streaks, others may emphasize chatting frequently. Different rankings result in each person’s solar system as a result.

4. Dynamic System: Recall that as your interactions with your friends vary over time, the Snapchat friend solar system is also subject to change.

Here’s an analogy: picture every friend as a distinct nation. Due to regular trading (snaps and conversations), you can be regarded as a “close ally” (Mercury) in one country. Still, another country might rank you lower (Mars) due to their differing priorities and interactions with other nations.

Therefore, even while it might come as a surprise to see your planet order change, it just signifies how differently you’ve interacted with each of your friends on Snapchat.

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Can I See My Snapchat Planet Order?

You may quickly verify it for yourself using the app:

  • To access your Bitmoji avatar, open the Snapchat app and click on it in the upper left corner.
  • At the bottom of the screen, tap the “Friends” tab.
  • Select the friend who piques your attention by tapping on their Bitmoji avatar.
  • You will notice a little emoji with a planet symbol next to their name if you have been in contact with them sufficiently to be added to their “Best Friends” list. You can use this emoji to see where you are in their “Friend Solar System.”
  • Recall that these rankings are determined by the way you and your friends communicate on Snapchat, including by sending and receiving chats and snaps. They don’t always represent how strong or intimate your friendship is overall.

How Does Snapchat Determine The Planet Order?

Snapchat determines the planet order in your “Friends Solar System” feature (accessible only on Snapchat Plus) based on how much you engage with other users.

This feature mirrors the order of the solar system by allocating planets to your top eight most-interacted-with friends.

This is an explanation:

  • You play a central position in your social circle because you are the Sun.
  • Interaction is important. In your solar system, a friend’s planet is closer to you (the Sun) the more you snap, chat, and watch stories with them.

Planetary order:

  • Mercury: Symbolizes your closest buddy and the one you spend the most time with.
  • Venus: The symbol for your second best friend.
  • Earth, Mars, and so on: These planets stand in for your other closest pals; Neptune is your eighth best friend.
  • It’s crucial to keep in mind that this function is merely a lighthearted method to see your social ties; it may not accurately depict the depth of your friendships.

How Does The Planet Order Work In Snapchat?

For users with Snapchat Plus subscriptions, there is a feature called the “Friend Solar System,” or planet order in Snapchat. Based on your interactions with them, it creates a visual representation of your closest eight Snapchat buddies.

This is how it operates:

  • The Sun is you: The Sun is your personal solar system’s center, and you are it.
  • Planets represent your pals: Based on interactions, eight planets orbit the Sun, each of which stands for one of your eight closest Snapchat pals.
  • Greater engagement = closer proximity: The more frequently you engage with a buddy through snaps, conversations, and story views, the closer the planet is to the Sun (you).
  • The solar system is reflected in order: The planets in your Snapchat solar system are arranged in the same sequence as those in our solar system.

To view your planet and your friend’s solar system:

  • Go to their Snapchat profile.
  • Seek out the gold-ringed “Best Friends” or “Friends” badge.
  • To view their solar system and determine which planet you are, tap the badge.
  • Recall that only Snapchat Plus subscribers can use this function.

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What Are The Available Features For Snapchat Plus Subscribers?

Subscribers to Snapchat Plus get access to a plethora of special features that improve and customize their app experience. Below is a summary of some of the salient characteristics:


  • Custom App Icons: To make the app stand out on your home screen, select from a wide range of entertaining and distinctive icons.
  • Bitmoji Backgrounds: Add a variety of backgrounds to your Bitmoji avatar to make it more stylish.
  • Chat Wallpapers: To enhance the visual attractiveness of your chat interactions, set personalized wallpapers.


  • Snapchat+ Badge: This badge indicates to others that you are a Plus subscriber and appears on your profile next to your name.
  • Priority Access to Features: Before they are made available to everyone, be the first to test out new and experimental features.

Qualities of Friendship:

#1 BFF: For easier access, pin your closest friend at the top of your conversation list.

Check out the Friend Solar System to see how your closest friends compare to one another based on how often you communicate with them on Snapchat.

Select an emoticon to be shown next to your name when someone views your story by going to the Post View Emojis page.


Get your responses to friends’ stories visible first by selecting Priority Story Replies.

  • Custom Notification Sounds: You can assign distinct sounds for each buddy or group.
  • Narrative Timer: Increase the amount of time that your friends can see your narrative.
  • View Who Viewed Your Story Again: Find out which of your friends watched your story again, as this could mean they thought it was really good.
  • Friend Snap Score Change: Keep track of when your friends have been active on Snapchat by seeing when their Snap Score rises.

Give your friends access to Snapchat+ by giving them a subscription.

Conclusion: The precise features offered by Snapchat Plus may vary over time. Therefore, it’s vital to keep in mind that Snapchat periodically adds new features and may eliminate some of its current ones.

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